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Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. The 2020 edition of the show — taking place 11-14 February 2020 — promises to be the biggest and most compelling yet, featuring a full professional development and conference programme supported by association co-owners AVIXA™ and CEDIA. In 2020, AVIXA will also offer its popular FlashTracks and half-day conferences as well as other activities to bring attendees the latest inspiring stories and practical experience from industry experts.

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For the second time this year, Leteng AS held a sell-out CTS Prep class in Norway, most recently 28-30 October. AVIXA Staff Instructor Marcus Yarborough, CTS®-D, CTS-I, taught the session in Oslo at the offices of the AV and IT distributor, which saw 22 AV professionals take part. The latest session built on the success of the previous event, held in May this year.

”It was a thrill to see a classroom full of AV professionals committed to being the best in their field,” says John Van Hoop, Account Manager, Benelux and Nordics at AVIXA. ”There was an excellent mix of participants: integrators, manufacturers, distributors and end users, all of whom contributed to a lively and engaging session. With thanks to support from partners such as Leteng AS, there are now more than 100 CTS certified members of the AV community in Norway — an exciting achievement for us. We will look to build on this success, with more CTS sessions planned for next year.”

For upcoming education sessions in the Nordic region, contact John Van Hoop to find out more.

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The AV Experience Awards program recognises the innovative integration of content, space, and audiovisual technology to enrich experiences.

This new scheme celebrates the ability of AV technology to expand human capabilities, excite, inspire, or enhance an experience across diverse markets and industries. The programme’s different categories showcase how thoughtful design and execution achieve the projects’ distinct goals. Artists, designers, engineers, and creative professionals will be recognised in the following categories:

  • Best Dynamic Art Experience
  • Best In-Person Experience
  • Best Individualized Experience
  • Best Immersive Experience
  • Best Flexible Space Experience
  • Best Collaborative Experience

Entries close 5 February 2020.

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AVIXA will offer a brace of in-depth conferences at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. On Tuesday, 11 February in the RAI, Room E102, the AVIXA Higher Education AV Conference will highlight a range of different perspectives on how to best enhance the learning and teaching experience through effective use of AV technologies. Conference delegates will hear examples of good practice cases and take away tips from freely available tools and guidance that may help them in their own businesses.

Taking place on Wednesday, 12 February in the RAI, Room E102, the AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference — held in association with the AV User Group — will highlight the importance of data analytics within AV and explain how data insights help to deliver greater workspace and meeting efficiencies. Delegates will hear examples of how analysing business interactions through email, IM, and collaboration tools in the meeting room itself can be used to determine better workspace design, system design, and ultimately provide more efficient and user centric work and meeting spaces.

Enterprise AV Conference

Higher Education Conference

CTS Prep, Milan, Italy | AVIXA


The first Italian in-language CTS Prep took place 29–31 October in Milan, in the offices of Systems Integration Experience Community (SIEC). A total of 10 attendees took part in the sessions, and they were guided by AVIXA instructor Jose Mozota, (Ph.D., CTS-I, President of Freman Solutions Inc.). The course was organised in collaboration with SIEC, the Italian association for AV and integration.

”It was fantastic to host this in-language CTS Prep for our Italian members for the very first time, and the course generated a great deal of enthusiasm from the students, who felt much more confident to take the test after the course,” says Valeria Rapa, AVIXA Program Coordinator, Europe. ”There were also several attendees who asked when we would be repeating the sessions, so that colleagues and friends could also take part. The instructor was impressed with the education level of attendees. We look forward to finding out how our attendees got on with the exam.”

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CTS Exam Guide, Third Edition | AVIXA

CTS Certified Technology Specialist Exam Guide Released

AVIXA is pleased to announce the release of its CTS® Certified Technology Specialist™ Exam Guide, Third Edition. The guide provides a comprehensive look at the topics covered in the latest release of the CTS exam. For more than 30 years, AVIXA has administered the CTS program, which is recognized worldwide as the leading AV professional credential. There are three CTS credentials: general (CTS), design (CTS-D), and installation (CTS-I). There are currently more than 12,000 CTS holders globally and over 2,000 of those are CTS-D or CTS-I holders.

"AVIXA is committed to the education of AV professionals," said Amanda Beckner, CTS, Vice President of Learning, AVIXA. "CTS accreditation certifies that an AV professional has the technical skills to perform at a high level. The new edition of the guide offers enhanced features to help prepare people to take their CTS exam and join an elite group of AV professionals."

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AVIXA Business workshop events returned to London and Dublin this year, where Matthew Brown, a ‘Productivity Ninja’ from Think Productive, led the workshops to tackle the topic of increasing productivity.

Brown focused on tackling a pervasive problem in many workplaces: getting the most valuable work done first. Imparting useful tips, Brown taught the power of saying ‘no’ as well as how to manage the expectations of others to avoid an overloaded to-do list. The productivity expert also stressed the importance of daily and weekly check-ins, making sure to set tasks at the end of the week to do the following week, and checking in daily with tasks to see what can be ticked off to stay motivated. The term ‘tactical hiding’ was also introduced – encouraging time-pressed workers to schedule ‘meetings for one’ in the work diary when up against a deadline as an effective method to get tasks done without distraction.

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