Letter to our Members

August 04, 2020

We write this letter to share difficult news with all of you. Due to the pandemic and the dramatic impacts to our industry, AVIXA has completed a strategic realignment of the organization. Throughout this time, we have chosen to focus on the three priorities we face: balancing the needs of our members, the needs of our business, and the needs of our team. Unfortunately, this focus has resulted in a number of job positions being eliminated; and while we respect the privacy of our employees and the sensitivity of this matter, we also felt it important to share with our member community the impact of these changes.

How the AV Industry Can Give Back in Times of Crisis

August 04, 2020 by Michelle Bollen

Are you and your company looking for ways to give back and be that community for others? Here are some tips and recommendations for how you, as an AV professional, can pay it forward.

Q&A with Melissa Deslauriers: Best Corporate Live Experience

July 28, 2020

Melissa Deslauriers, Professor, Production & Staging, School of Hospitality, Conestoga College, Ontario, Canada, provided us with her thoughts on the changing role of live events based on her more than 25 years of experience.

Brand Experience Revolution

July 23, 2020 by Sam Molineaux

Advertisements used to spread the word about products and services have been impacted tremendously by technological advances in recent years. A simple culmination of well-chosen words on a page or actors on a TV screen is no longer enough.

Q&A with Anthony Vade, Experience Architect, FMAV

July 23, 2020

For more than 20 years Anthony Vade, Experience Architect at Mississauga, Ontario-based FMAV, has helped event stakeholders use technology to create tangible connections with event attendees.

Back to the Workplace: Are We There Yet?

July 15, 2020 by Kirsten Nelson

Returning to the office will be different for every person, company, and location, but there are some general themes that emerged from InfoComm 2020 Connected on the topic of workplace reopening in a COVID-19 world.

What You Need to Know About Open Source Control

July 14, 2020 by John Pfleiderer

Presenting during InfoComm 2020 Connected, Howard Nunes of PepperDash comments, “software programmers come in from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.” So, what is open source? And why are programmers participating?

AVIXA Latin America: New Realities - Part 3

July 08, 2020 by Ana María Restrepo

When we least expected it, the global, regional, and local outlooks shifted as the world experiences a health crisis. Plans and expectations of multiple business sectors have been disrupted.

New Market Opportunities for Smart Displays

July 07, 2020 by Peter Hansen

Digital signage thought leader John Wang shares his insight into the evolution of digital signage in response to the pandemic and how digital signage can be part of the solution to operating a business in the current environment.

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11 August 2020
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11-20 August 2020
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