EDspaces Spotlight on Higher Education Trends

setembro 21, 2020 por Adrienne Dayton

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally disrupted nearly every aspect of academic institutions with undetermined long-term consequences. Nevertheless, there continues to be innovation in learning, teaching, and space planning for both K-12 and higher education. Educational facility experts, some of whom are presenting at the EDspaces 2020 Digital Experience, November 10-12, 2020, were asked about the adjustments being made to planned construction, pedagogy, learning spaces, and emerging technologies.

Podcast: Reshaping the classroom experience

setembro 18, 2020 por Kirsten Nelson

For years flexible learning spaces have undergone rapid evolutions to accommodate new styles of learning. AV technology is at the center of these changes both as the impetus to create more interactive classroom experiences and as a reflection of the tools and knowledge sources central to learning.

The Effects of COVID-19 on Retail Environments

setembro 16, 2020 por Loanna Overcash

After months of being relegated to online shopping, home delivery, and curbside pickup, buyers are craving the in-store shopping experience. Under pressure to provide a safe environment, today’s retailers are turning to AV technology, especially digital, to grab consumers’ attention.

The Critical Pivot From Classroom to Distance Learning

setembro 11, 2020 por Allison Tardif

With shelter at home orders affecting organizations globally, including AVIXA® and many of its members, learning and education professionals have quickly figured out how to move their programs online. Here are a few takeaways for educators and the AV professionals who support them … that we’ve learned so far during this critical pivot from classroom to distance learning.

WeWork, Convene Share How to Have Better Meetings during COVID-19

setembro 10, 2020 por Michelle Bollen

Pandora’s box has been opened, and companies won’t be able to get all the meeting apps and tools back under lock and key post-COVID-19. But, as the myth goes, hope remains. Audiovisual technologies and meeting spaces are more flexible than ever and have the capabilities to put the user’s choice first.

Podcast: Can we use technology to make events more human?

setembro 09, 2020 por Kirsten Nelson

The events and experiential marketing industries have arrived at a new phase in this dramatic and painful pause on in-person gatherings. We are learning a lot, and as we settle in for the long-haul with remote life and a gradual return to in-person events, we have an opportunity to completely reimagine the way we connect.

Market Update: Transportation Spending on Pro AV Expected to Recover by 2021

setembro 08, 2020 por Sean Wargo

The pandemic ground travel down to a minimum as restrictions were put in place, worldwide events were cancelled, and companies shifted to remote work and collaboration. Even as traffic going through major transportation hubs such as airports and train stations has decreased, the slowdown has not necessarily meant the halting of technology projects within them.

Entertainment Events from a Social Distance Combine Live, Install, and Remote Expertise

setembro 02, 2020 por Kirsten Nelson

The “hybrid” scenario is very much in swing, and new discoveries are happening through the calibration and recalibration of blended remote and in-venue entertainment experiences. It may be that in the stop-and-restart of large-venue use, we discover new ways to improve the in-person experience and generate new sources of revenue for years to come.

The Task Is To Keep Everyone Safe, But Still Design It So That It’s Beautiful

setembro 02, 2020 por Kirsten Nelson

Innovation on virtual events began early in the pandemic for Vita Motus, which felt the earliest effects of the shutdown when work paused on the televised concert productions it produces in China. A rapid refocus toward digital capabilities revealed a vast cache of virtual offerings that Vita Motus had already produced.

Go “Backstage” in Las Vegas!

agosto 31, 2020 por Marcella Walsh

When in-person tours had to be cancelled, AVIXA jumped in and virtually showcased some of the coolest sights in Vegas! No need for comfy shoes, because these videos will take you behind-the-scenes to see leading edge AV technology in action in higher education, hospitality, and entertainment. You’ll hear from the AV pros about their projects, the equipment and capabilities.

New Solutions: New Events

agosto 27, 2020 por Jaisica Lapsiwala

“The new normal” is buzzy at best, but we also know that live events will not look the same for the foreseeable future. We are all striving to do our digital best to navigate the here and now, but with so many known unknowns, how can we adapt to survive? In our new series of video interviews, Events Reinvented, AVIXA speaks with top live event planners and producers to get the latest on how COVID-19 is impacting their work.

Engineering Interactive Public Spaces for Health & Safety

agosto 26, 2020

During InfoComm 2020 Connected, Sasha Harris-Cronin of BBI Engineering and Maria Mortati of Maria Mortati Experience Design discussed how interactive and immersive elements in museums and public spaces will need to adapt due to concerns over health and safety. Their session produced some very thoughtful questions from attendees.

Finding Solid Ground: Designers’ Obligations and Opportunities in Public Spaces Amidst COVID-19

agosto 25, 2020 por Andrew Lazarow

Within our industry, many of us have been asked about the safety of touch screens, and what we would replace them with in stores, museums, lobbies, and transit hubs. As our clients look to us to tell them what is coming next, it’s challenging to balance knowing what people will need years from now, when we don’t even know what schools will be doing in a month.

Podcast: So You Want to Be Diverse

agosto 20, 2020 por Kirsten Nelson

In this episode, we pose a very real question for the AV and experience design industry: “So You Want to be Diverse… Now What?”

What Could 3D Printing Add To Your Business?

agosto 13, 2020 por Kirsten Nelson

New materials (including carbon fiber, metals and flexible plastics), new printer technology that allows for fine-tuned pigmentation of 3D output, new techniques and new capabilities in scale are creating new opportunities to expand business offerings.


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