What is the APEx Advocate Program?

The APEx Advocate program identifies companies who, through promotional consideration, outreach, and preferential services, support systems integrators and dealers who have earned the APEx designation. Equate your company with technical excellence and a further more qualified systems integration workforce by becoming an APEx Advocate.

What is APEx?

The AVIXA AV Provider of Excellence (APEx) program recognizes systems integrators and dealers who represent the “gold standard” of commercial AV service providers. Because of the high quality work performed by APEx companies, integrations and installations of your products are more likely to be completed correctly, resulting in less maintenance and returns for you.

Firms who have earned the APEx designation adhere to industry best practices, invest in a well-trained staff, and above all, ensure customer satisfaction.

These companies have signed the pledge to be an APEx Advocate


As an APEx Advocate, you will receive:

  • Permission to use APEx Advocate logo to promote your participation
  • Listing with your logo on the AVIXA website page for APEx Advocates
  • Inclusion in a quarterly email to APEx companies promoting APEx Advocates, with your logo, 50 word description, and link to your website
  • Contact information for all APEx companies, updated as companies earn the APEx designation
  • Press release template for you to distribute, outlining your support
  • Inclusion on collateral used to market to potential APEx companies

To become an APEx Advocate, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be a current AVIXA member
  • Display the APEx Advocate logo on your website, with a link to avixa.org/apex
  • Ensure than twenty-five percent of all technical, sales and customer service staff within the audiovisual division must have and maintain general or advanced CTS

In addition, you must choose at least three promotional requirements:

  • Identify APEx integrators with APEx logo on the dealer locator section of your website, or adding APEx as a credential in their company listing
  • List APEx integrators more prominently on the dealer locator section of your website
  • Play a 30-second video about the value of APEx at the beginning of your onsite training classes
  • Sending a letter on your letterhead promoting the APEx program to non-APEx dealers (letter content provided by AVIXA)
  • Create an exclusive APEx dealer/integrator hotline for prioritized support
  • Payment of the APEx application fee ($500) for new dealers you have signed
  • Provide AVIXA with aggregate data on support calls comparing number of calls from APEx dealer projects vs. non-APEx dealer projects

If you have any questions or need more information about the APEx Advocates program, please email APEx@avixa.org.

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