2018 Microcredentials | AVIXAAVIXA has training to teach and verify basic installation skills. Whether you’re a manager or someone new to the AV industry, you’re going to want to keep reading.

The installation courses will walk students through acceptable industry practice – and verify their skills – in these areas:

Oh, and the best part? Students will have access to coaching from AVIXA instructors throughout the process.

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Matthew Heaney

"I was new to installation and this program gave me a great foundation. Understanding the steps and best practices, in tasks like mounting equipment, was very helpful before doing my first installs."
 — Matthew Heaney, Intermedia Systems Group


Q. What exactly is a microcredential?
A. AVIXA’s install microcredentials are digital badges that represent mastery of pulling cable, terminating cable and mounting equipment. It’s a visual way to verify and share your accomplishments.

Q. What are the benefits for managers?
A. As a hiring manager, these digital badges are can’t-miss signals to you that job candidates have the foundation of install skills. Your peers in AV developed the program to solve challenges we all face, like finding a way to train new technicians in industry best practices in an efficient way.

Not only will this training program make onboarding new install technicians much easier, it’s going to help you keep your most valuable technical staff on the job. Instead of asking your advanced technicians to train the new people, you can rest assured that they are getting the basics from this program.

Q. What are the benefits for students?
A. When you are new to a job, it can be difficult to demonstrate mastery of new skills. This training will take that pressure away and prove you have the skills to do the job.

Q. Are there CTS RUs?
A. No, there are not RUs with these courses. That’s because this program is designed for entry-level technicians.

Q. Will this training be available in other languages?
A. Yes, there will be courses in Spanish and Portuguese. Stay tuned for regional variations to these products.

Q. How will I get a hands-on experience?
A. The Terminating Cables and Pulling Cable microcredentials provide hands-on experiences for at least two activities. You will be asked to demonstrate proficiency by submitting photos or videos of your work to an AV instructor for review and approval. By actually performing the work, your learning experience will be strengthened. It will be much easier for you to transfer your new skills back on the job!

Q. How long does each microcredential course take?
A. It takes an average of 4 hours to complete each course.

Paul Lamontagne | AVIXA

"I completed all three install microcredential courses. As an AV technician at a university, there are some tasks in the courses that I do all the time and others I’ve never performed. It was good to learn the skills I never do, and even for the ones I perform a lot, I got insights to do them better. The instructor feedback was also very good. The microcredential courses were excellent professional development and will be noted in my annual review. My next professional development goal: CTS certification!"
 — Paul Lamontagne, AV Technician, College of Arts & Sciences, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

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